Hemp Oil Dosage: What is the Proper Dosage for Hemp Oil?

This is the biggest question right now in the hemp industry is what is the best dosage for hemp and how to use it for the best results. The answer: this is no correct answer. It’s somewhat trial and error, and the good thing about hemp oil is you can’t really use too much, but you can use too little where you aren’t feeling the benefits. From capsules to tinctures to edibles to creams, how do you best use these products? There are so many methods out there on how to apply and intake hemp oil, and figuring out what’s best for you is the question! Today we are going to talk about how to use full-spectrum hemp oil tinctures and how much to use for addressing Sleep, Pain, and Anxiety.

Hemp Oil Dosage: Tinctures Overview 

It is best to use oral tinctures under the tongue sublingually so it gets into your body quickest. If you immediately swallow a tincture, it will get diluted by the enzymes in your stomach and will be less effective. For that reason, make sure you drop the tincture under your tongue and hold it there for at least 60 seconds before swallowing.

Hemp Oil Dosage: Tincture for Sleep

It’s best to use 20-30 minutes before bed.

  • 130lbs and less: 11mg - 17mg
  • 130lbs - 230lbs: 18mg - 27mg
  • Over 230lbs: 23mg - 45mg

Hemp Oil Dosage: Tincture for Pain

Use 2-3 times daily and, adjust the dosage as needed.

  • Mild Pain: 12mg - 23mg per dose
  • Moderate Pain: 15mg - 30mg per dose
  • Severe Pain: 18mg - 45mg per dose

Hemp Oil Dosage: Tincture for Anxiety

It's best to microdose for anxiety. Use 2-3 times daily and, adjust the hemp dosage as needed.

  • 8mg - 20mg per dose

Tincture Dosage Calculator, 1000mg Full Spectrum Hemp 

30 days - 1x/day - 1 Full Dropper - 33mg

45 days - 1x/day - 0.75 Dropper - 24mg

60 days - 1x/day - 0.5 Dropper - 16mg

75 days - 1x/day - 0.25 Dropper - 8mg